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Providing unbiased FREE resources(tools) to the electro-technical industry, specialising in enterprise resources and control solutions.  What is our motto: IT IS A BEAUTIFUL FEELING TO KNOW YOU ARE IN SAFE HANDS!     Tell us what you think or if you want to participate?..


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 Although we have checks and balances in the system to ensure correct information, this is still a free resource which is dependent on various aspects to audit and ensure correct information. We cannot be held responsible, or any claim made, for any repercussion due to our activities, informat..


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Disclaimer: While the This website - Electrosource -or whatever alias it might exist as - have made all means to ensure information and guidance provided is correct, parties must rely upon their skill and judgement when making use of them.  We assume and accept no responsibility and cannot be ..


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 Our sole purpose is to assist in finding the right solution for your electrical challenges.   Automation, Machine control, Low voltage Reticulation. Whatever your electrical control challenge...give us a shout it would be nice to help.   Be it the machine stopped ru..