D3 LM(0/1/2) (-T) - ElectroSource

mAmon,D3 LM(0/1/2) (-T)

mAmon,D3 LM(0/1/2) (-T)
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SKU: D3LM*(-T); 0&4-20mA LOOP monitor,Hi/Lo+Hysteris,PSU+Relay+mA out 

D3-LM0/1/2 -: 0 / 4 to 20mA LOOP monitor, 4Digit - 2off 7segment displays, DIN mount. Adjustable window can be set(Hi/Lo) in which relay will energise. Hi and Lo hysterises setpoints. Each fault condition can be disabled. Input is scalable(1500) and decimal point up to 3 places. Each relay can be set with own trip conditions. Adjustable startup delay per relay- Fault monitoring disbabled for this time after power on. (100sec) Adjustable reaction delay per relay- The trip delay time after the fault has occured(100sec). Relay invert status functionality. Can latch one or both relays. Terminal reset. Input signal damping. 4-20mA output for -T models. (0-10V on special request) The 4 -20mA transmitted signal is optically isolated from the input signal The 4 -20mA can be inverted (decreases when input signal increase and vice versa). Onboard 24Vdc /30mA power supply for version -P. Each fault condition is indicated on screen. Records Max/Min values in the last 24Hrs - updated every 60minutes. Security: Complete lockout or partial lockout(only setpoint can be changed) + Code protection. Factory default reset

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