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Conditions of Use

Disclaimer: While the This website - Electrosource -or whatever alias it might exist as - have made all means to ensure information and guidance provided is correct, parties must rely upon their skill and judgement when making use of them. 

We assume and accept no responsibility and cannot be held liable for any kind of loss or damage caused by errors or omissions or any information, whether such an error or omission is the result of negligence or any other cause. 

We provide information as and when available during development and are not in control of changes made by external partners, suppliers, manufacturers or providers of manuals and documentation.

Information provided is not binding and should not be used without the action of confirming suppliers / manufacturers any relevant documentation before the selecting or the use of any product.  

Where reference is made to legislation it is not to be considered as legal advice. Any and all such liability is disclaimed

If for any reason whatsoever information provided is an infringement on rights or licencing, we are of the opinion that it is done in goodwill and the promotion of such products but if anyone should still feel any reserve please contact us so we action your request as soon as possible.

We genuinely hope that we can serve a positive purpose in the electrical-technical supply chain and would therefore welcome any comments or feedback regarding our service.

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Gary Scrimnger.