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Looking for an overview of the website?
 This will give you an idea of where you might be and what is available from the site...nearly like a text map of where to go.

Home page - On the left at the bottom is a link called SITEMAP - click it and you will see what I mean.

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Changing to a previous or next product
Because we try to list products in groups a neat trick is to change the product number in the URL to one higher or one lower (e.g. 3000 to 3001 or 2999) to see what the next product is.

Off course at the end of group the trick ends..but it sometimes helps to do a quick compare.

Also this only works when you are on a product detail page.

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How to effectively use this site.
The original intention for the site was to serve as a product selector based on the credentials of the product and all the necessary info is to be available at your finger tips.

It now consist of much more than that and we are hoping you will make full use of what is available. 

As can be seen it is still in infancy with a select group of products only by circumstantial choice.

This site consist of two basic parts...
Electrosource.org - The product selector tool 

Technical library - A technical / product discussion forum and interactive platform.
Where do I find manuals and catalogues?
There are 2 places - they might be duplicated or not.

The first is in the product description - right at the bottom of the window or 

The other is the "ATTACHMENTS" tab (Next top the "REVIEWS" tab) on the product information screen. If this tab is not visible then unfortunately non is loaded for that product. 

Finding the RIGHT product easily...

Product specification filter:- The lots of blocks on top of the product list. The purpose of this feature  is to enable anybody (with or without any technical knowledge) but by a specification ONLY can select the correct product. 

We have gone to great pains to list every “relevant” specification - such that it does not matter which supplier has or does not have a specific specification for even NOT HAVING A SPECIFICATION might be important for disciplines like consultants.


In addition to this there is also a clever search function:

  • Use by CATEGORY: We plan to represent a vast array of products pertaining to industry and commerce. It is for this reason the categories list is so vast and we tried our best to present it in the most logical fashion.  
  • SEARCH:  The top right hand corner search facility has two modes - advanced appears when one clicks the magnify icon in the box. 
  • SEARCH: We have built in a few tricks to making search easier - Type plc and any product with a plc or related to plc will appear - Type "plc," [with comma] and ONLY ACTUAL PLC PRODUCTS WILL BE LISTED, Get the list of acronyms here.  Find acronyms list here: ACRONYMS
  • COMPARE: Not sure which product will best suit you – use the compare function. Add products to the compare box and take your time to go through the find set technical detail to find the right one.
  • WISHLIST: You would like to come back / remember a product – add to wishlist.
  • WHY can we not just order from your tool – It would be great to form partnerships with reputable suppliers from anywhere and everywhere to locally serve you – but we have to be sure it will serve its purpose for you – Let us know and we will see how we can assist. Contact here.
  • Manufacturer FILTER -  If you want a specific manufacturers product  list ONLY -Click on manufacturer and only their products will show

That’s it.