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NamSensor,SIP(A/C)8-N1.5 (H)

NamSensor,SIP(A/C)8-N1.5 (H)
NamSensor,SIP(A/C)8-N1.5 (H)
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SKU: inductive, Namur, 1.5mm,Flush,8x8mmRect, Alum, Cable,SIPA8 N1.5 

Namur Inductive sensor - Rectangular 8x8xmm, Sense distance=1.5mm, Flush mount, Anodised Aluminium, 2wire DC8.2V, Cable and M-plug vesions.SIPA8 - Sense pad is in the top half of sensor. SIPC8 - the sense pad is in middle of sensor.

NamSensor,SIP(A/C)8-N1.5 (H):

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