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Professional courtecy with email communication

I sent an email to a global manufacturing company…

This is what I receive back:

Sorry he cannot receive mail anymore – send your mail here xx.xx. and never hear from them again.

I realise the contact in my email might have died and when receiving mail for him might cause some emotional stir (I am assuming worse case scenario- not like I know he died)- but still professional courtesy calls for YOU to direct it to the correct NEW person and get him to contact me back…Is that not the professional of communication?

Its like you call a company and his colleague sits next to him but he asks me (the customer) to back later?

Or is it asking too much?

I can tell you this much…if I have a company and one of my employees did that to a customer…sure as hell you are FIRED! 

Just put me through or give him the message to callback. That’s he right thing to do, in my opinion anyway.


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We have a buddies corner where private groups can be registered for topics of common interest - maybe a sales group or a specific product group like "contactors" or "sales" or whatever.

Go for it. One never knows what life changing events can come from it.